Dan + Shay Celebrates Fourth No. 1 “Tequila”

Dan Smyers, Jordan Reynolds, Nicolle Galyon Cited

While hundreds of fans lined up Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 16) on the sidewalks of Nashville’s Music Row to see them perform at a block party later, Dan + Shay’s Shay Mooney and Dan Smyers stood on a tiny stage in the ASCAP building nearby, drinking in praise for their current blockbuster hit, “Tequila.”

While the duo was at the center of the celebration, the specific targets of praise were the three “Tequila” co-writers, Smyers, Jordan Reynolds and Nicolle Galyon. “Tequila” is Dan + Shay’s fourth No. 1 single.

It was very much a family affair, with little kids darting through the crowd and flocking around the stage, while parents and siblings of the songwriters stood near the front, patiently waiting to be acknowledged.

ASCAP’s Beth Brinker emceed the celebration. She opened by reminding the crowd that packed the reception hall that Dan + Shay had recently scored a rare distinction — that of having their new self-titled album and “Tequila” both at the top of Billboard’s country albums and airplay charts the same week. At more than 200 million streams, Brinker continued, “Tequila” was the fourth most-streamed country song of the year. It was the first No. 1 triumph for Reynolds, and for that achievement, Brinker presented him a Yeti cooler with a large bottle of tequila inside.

David Preston, representing BMI, ASCAP’s fellow performing rights organization, next came to the stage to honor Galyon. He announced that “Tequila” was her fourth No. 1 and cited such other of her co-written hits as Miranda Lambert’s “Automatic,” Kenny Chesney’s “All the Pretty Girls” and Keith Urban’s “Going Home.”

John Esposito, chief of Warner Bros. Records, Dan + Shay’s label, came forward and proclaimed, “We have only begun with [promoting] ‘Tequila.’” Apart from its towering country chart successes, he noted, “Tequila” is also climbing the adult contemporary chart.

“The song is still streaming 10 million a week,” he said, “It deserves to be single of the year, CMA voters.”

Among the legion of supporters Galyon thanked, she reserved special gratitude for her children’s nanny, whom she mentioned by name. She said she had been prepared to give up songwriting entirely if she couldn’t find someone she completely trusted with child care. Galyon is married to the multi-award winning songwriter, Rodney Clawson. He watched nearby as she accepted the crowd’s applause.

Reynolds addressed the most glowing of his remarks to songwriters still seeking their first hit. He said that when he was starting out as a writer, he and his friends would sneak into No. 1 parties such as this one to marvel at the goings-on.

“Keep dreaming, keep writing,” he counseled the seekers, “and one day you’ll be up here [onstage], too.”

Tuesday’s party preceded the duo’s Tequila Tuesday Music Row street party that drew an estimated 10,000 fans.

Edward Morris is a veteran of country music journalism. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a frequent contributor to CMT.com.