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Travis Denning’s Mission to Find His Muse

Will the Real David Ashley Parker Please Stand Up?

The video for “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs” opens with “Based on a million true stories.” And man, ain’t that the truth?

If you’ve ever been carded when you’re holding a fake I.D., you know that feeling, right? You’re nervous as hell that you might get caught, but you feel invincible as hell when you don’t. That’s the picture newcomer Travis Denning has painted in his debut hit. And as he’s admitted before, the true David Ashley Parker (real name: Ashley David Parker) lost his I.D. when he was in college at the University of Georgia. The two have since met, and Parker even makes an appearance in Denning’s video.

But it’s the behind-the-scenes, four-part video series that Denning shared on social media that really brings the song idea to life. There’s nothing like losing your I.D. to help a country singer/songwriter find inspiration.

In the final video that Denning shared on Thursday (Aug. 16), he picks up Parker at the Nashville International Airport — there’s no word on where Parker lives now, but Powder Springs is definitely a real place just north of Atlanta — and Parker tells the story of the first time he heard the song. “That’s not me,” he remembers thinking, because his first and middle names were reversed and the date of birth was off.

And yet, it really was him.

Watch Denning and Parker build one of the most unlikely bonds over the course of the four videos:

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