Thomas Rhett Explains Why Willa Feels at Home

"My Kids Are Outside Children"

Thomas Rhett is always quick to point out that although his oldest daughter Willa was born thousands of miles away in Uganda, she is still very much his.

“Even though she comes from a whole different part of the world, she’s ours,” Thomas Rhett told People in the Aug. 27 issue, “and it feels like she never wasn’t.”

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren adopted Willa from Masindi last year, shortly before Lauren gave birth to their other daughter Ada (He describes Willa’s birthplace as about as country as it gets, saying that everywhere you look, you can see corn or beans or chicken farms or cows.).

It’s important to him that his growing family spend as much time as possible outdoors on their 125-acre farm outside of Nashville. “My dad was always adamant about us being outdoors, and my kids are outside children,” he shared.

“I’ll put them on the four-wheeler with me, and we’ll ride the trails. They’re never more content than when we’re out at that farm, whether it’s fishing or just riding around. And they’ll remember those times more than watching Moana for the 50th time.

“Being outdoors teaches them how beautiful the world is,” he said.

The next stop on Rhett’s tour is on Sept. 2 in Panama City Beach, Fla.