firekid’s “Boomerang” Featuring Rory Feek Captures Life in the Moment

New Video Gives Song a Personal Meaning

The video and underlying message for firekid’s “Boomerang” featuring Rory Feek embodies the Feek family legacy of love overcoming adversity.

firekid is a duo comprised of Dillon Hodges and Rory’s daughter, vocalist Heidi Feek. Hodges originally wrote the song following an unexpected reunion with a stolen guitar, but the song took on another meaning after his ex-wife was tragically killed in a hit and run, just months after Heidi lost her mother, Joey Feek, following a highly publicized battle with cancer.

“I think sometimes it’s easier to express pain through music than just speaking it to one another,” Hodges tells exclusively. “We’re both songwriters, and a lot of our co-writes were just therapy sessions to one another because we both lost somebody. Our creativity became very personal.”

“Boomerang” is one of firekid’s first releases from its upcoming four-song EP, XY, a collection out Sept. 14 that’s inspired by hip-hop production and ‘90s country songs.

The song also marks Rory’s return to the studio as a solo act after more than a decade as one-half of the Grammy-winning duo Joey + Rory. The Feeks have a long history with CMT. Joey + Rory was discovered on the network’s 2008 competition, Can You Duet?

“I just thought [the song] was so special, and it reminded me a lot of Joey and what we’ve been through,” Rory says. “And so, I just wanted to help them make a music video because we could. When they went in the studio to record the song, they asked me to come sing, and I hadn’t been in the studio in years; really since Joey and I were recording [Hymns That Are Important to Us] in 2015.”

With both Hodges and Feek emerging from divorce and grieving the death of loved ones, their intimate new video gives “Boomerang” a personal interpretation that’s full of hope. Interspersed between performance shots is family footage starring Joey and Hodges’ ex-wife when they were still alive.

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