Even More Bachelorette Dos & Don’ts

Because It's Easy to Get a Little Carried Away in Celebration...

With the bachelor and bachelorette scene absolutely exploding in Nashville, you have to wonder…

How do the locals feel about it all?

Though some may be less than thrilled about the Pedal Taverns clogging up their daily commutes, it’s safe to say most all of them are entertained at the very least. How could you not be?

Some even take advantage of the situation as we see in our latest round of Bach Weekend’s Dos & Don’ts. We’re not saying to stand on the wall while you’re out and about partying with locals, we’re just saying be responsible, always.

But by all means, if you want to kiss that handsome stranger on your wild weekend in town, then live your life, honey. Don’t let us or your best girls stand in the way.

But do remember that if you get a lap dance in public, people can see you. Just sayin’.

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