Overheard at Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge

What He Says You Can Expect at New Bar

Some of the things that Luke Bryan promised during his press conference on Monday (Sept. 10) at his new bar and restaurant, 32 Bridge Food + Drink, were obvious. Like how the beer will be really, really cold. But other things he talked about were a little more unexpected. Like how his mom might want to be a greeter at the place.

And then Bryan gave his word on a few other things about where the idea came from and where it’s headed.

From owning the crowd to owning the place:
“I remember how fun it was just sitting on a stage having tourists walk in and listen to you play a few songs,” Bryan said of the time he spent playing the small honky-tonks on Nashville’s Lower Broadway. “And then you get a publishing deal and a record deal and the next thing you know, you’re able to go turn everything into this.”

A little healthy competition:
“I was talking to Dierks [Bentley] this morning and he was like, ‘You’re going to play in the street and mess up the sales at my place?’ What’s funny is we’re all having fun with this. I look across the street and Blake [Shelton]’s bar is there and all the bars that are here, it’s all about the country music fan experience in my opinion; coming to Nashville and being able to, go, ‘Well on Tuesday, we’ll go to these bars and on Wednesday, we’ll hit the Opry and we’ll come back.’”

The joy of a well-stocked bar:
Bryan is hoping that having his own bar will mean that whenever he wants, he can walk in and make an Old Fashioned without having to hunt down everything he needs: syrup, bitters, whiskey, a citrus twist and a muddler. “When I go to make my Old Fashioneds at the house, I don’t have my simple syrup I need, I don’t have the muddler (because) one of the dogs has taken it out in the yard or something,” he explained. “So now the fact that I can come to my bar and have all my ingredients to make my perfect little Old Fashioned is going to be pretty exciting. I’m pretty prideful of my Old Fashioneds.”

What may be next:
“The sky’s the limit with what we can do with bars and with how I treat my music and my brand. I want this bar to be a little piece of that, and I want it to evolve as my music career has. Every year, I want this bar to have something new and something different. You’ve got to constantly change your surroundings as you have to do in music. It seems like every time we turn around, there’s something big and new coming. And I feel really blessed to be down here and be part of it,” he said. “This is just the top of the first inning for me.”

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