Kendall Jenner Says Chris Stapleton Is Everything

Fact: Country Music Is Her First Love

I know that the whole world has recently fallen in love with Chris Stapleton.

But until now, I had no idea that Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner (and their friends) were part of that unofficial Stapleton fan club. They really, really love him and the whole genre. To quote Kendall, “Country music is my first love in music. Fact.”

She just revealed this during the Zaza World Radio show on Apple Music’s Beats 1. She had just been to a Chris Stapleton concert, and it sounds like it was pretty life-changing for the reality-show supermodel. “I have never gone so hard in my life, you guys. Chris Stapleton is a gorgeous human being. Gorgeous,” she shared. “It’s insane. But beyond physically gorgeous, he has an incredible stage presence, and it’s just his music. You guys. I couldn’t handle it. I had chills the entire time. It was so beautiful. I’ve never danced so hard in my life.”

How hard, exactly? So hard that she admitted there was a bit of a spilled-rosé situation.

It sounds like the reality star’s love affair with country music grew out of an unreal kind of loneliness. “The one thing I have is my music, and you guys can’t take this from me,” she said. “It was all I had you guys, was the music and I swear that’s why I’m so into music at this point.”

Jenner has been featured in a handful of music videos since she was 15. But so far, they’ve only been with boy bands and rapper. Think it’s time she came to Nashville to star in a Stapleton video?

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