Rosanne Cash Returns with Poetic and Personal New Album

Collections of Songs Takes On The World Through Unique Feminine Perspective

For all the ways the world has changed and evolved as the decades have passed there are so many ways in which the world has not — and that is a sobering, harsh reality that haunts Grammy-winner Rosanne Cash, and moves her to action using her most powerful medium: the gift of song.

Cash has announced a brand-new album, her first in five years, titled She Remembers Everything. The collection of songs, all written or co-written by Cash, are profoundly poetic and personal and reflect her views on the fragile state of the world we live in through the lens of an honest, feminine perspective.

“There is a woman’s real life, complex experiences, and layered understanding in these songs,” Cash says of the album. “I could not have written them 10 years ago — not even close. Time is shorter, I have more to say.”

More to say in a beautifully brutal way that embraces the female narrative. The album’s title track is haunting and chilling, and in the same turn freeing and comforting in its darkness thanks to Cash’s warm, velvet voice and powerful message of the lyrics.

Recorded in Portland and New York City, with Tucker Martine and John Leventhal respectively, the project features contributions from Elvis Costello, Kris Kristofferson, Colin Meloy and Sam Phillips, who appears on the title track.

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