Chris Janson Shares the “Drunk Girl” Movement

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I doubt Chris Janson was ever hell-bent on starting some kind of social movement. And yet, that’s kind of what’s been happening since he released his “Drunk Girl” almost a year ago.

Janson told CMT Hot 20 Countdown that the feedback he’s been getting from fans means the world to him, mainly because he’s hearing from young guys, grown men and people ranging in all ages.

“This nice young man — a senior in high school – wrote me a handwritten letter and brought it to me in a meet-and-greet. I went back to the bus, I read it, and it was a totally life-changing moment for everybody,” Janson told CMT’s Katie Cook. “He has seen a lot of women being taken advantage of and vice versa. And the song has had an impact in the community he lives in.

“It’s a brave thing to talk about, about taking care of one other, and doing the right thing in those situations.”

But that generation isn’t the only one taking away Janson’s powerful message. An older man told Janson recently that he had used the video to get through to college kids, who are often faced with situations where they could do the right thing, or do the very, very wrong thing.

“He said, ‘I went into my nephew’s fraternity, and I made them play the video on a big screen,’” he told Janson, adding that he’d even rented a big projector to get through to the fraternity brothers.

“If a song is impacting like that,” Janson said, “then it’s really changing lives.”

“Drunk Girl” is nominated for two CMA Awards: song of the year and music video of the year.

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