Hillary Scott: Born and Raised to Have Faith in Herself

“I Always Just Believed That I Could”

Obviously, Hillary Scott’s biggest fan has always been her mother. But her mother, Linda Davis, is also a country singer. So when I asked Scott who the first female artist was to ever truly believe in her, she confirmed what I suspected: it was her mother.

“She absolutely nurtured the gift she could see I’d been given, but she never once pressured me at all. It was more like, ‘Hey, do you want to get up on stage and sing with mommy tonight?’ I remember those moments growing up. I remember being Eisele’s age — just five years old – and singing ‘Amazing Grace’ with my mom on stage,” Scott shared with me. She also said that in a big full-circle moment for her, her oldest daughter Eisele came out on stage with her over the weekend, and during Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey,” she sang the A.B.C.s. Scott’s twins Betsy and Emory are only eight months old, so they’re not quite ready for the stage yet.

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