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Love was in the air. Well, at least for Maren Morris, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. They were all all about professing their mutual adoration over the weekend.

Morris and Swift heaped praise onto one another when they were rehearsing for their performance in Morris’ hometown Dallas. Their Instagram stories tell the whole story: Swift wrote that Morris invented singing, and called her a chic beautiful angel queen of music. Morris said Swift was giving her a huge bucket list moment. The two collaborated on Morris’ “The Middle.” Morris’ post after the concert was about her wish to be like Swift: “I hope to someday achieve even a percent of what you’ve so gracefully cultivated.” Sugarland felt that love, too, when they shared the stage with Swift to come together for their “Babe.”

As for McGraw and Hill, their mutual adoration was due in part to their 22nd wedding anniversary. But they weren’t the only ones sharing their love stories. Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren had a date night with Bruno Mars, Carly Pearce jetted off to see the love of her life, Brett Eldredge raised his whiskey glass to his dad and uncle, and Lauren Alaina was in awe of her father and his sobriety celebration. Plus, Brad Paisley earned some well-deserved laughs when his special guest took the stage shirtless.

And Brian Kelley’s wife Brittney got really real with a post about social media, admitting that she has faced feats only God understands. She has lived in a flooded double wide trailer, was orphaned at 17, and has suffered from depressed. “But God always provided even when I didn’t trust … and now I’m here. Whole again,” she wrote. “I’m still the same ME.”

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#RealThoughts: I haven’t always been here. Here as in, with the love of my life in a beautiful slice of the world. I haven’t always had it easy, and I still struggle. I’ve had to face disbelief and challenges …. and I still am hiking through life’s valleys. But socials only show the highs, right? I share these highs with you because I have heard from many of you (friends, family and followers) that you appreciate and enjoy seeing the glimpses of my journey. But please know this online portfolio of a couple artsy fartsy photos does not define my world. I’ve faced feats only God understands, I’ve lived in a flooded double wide trailer, I was orphaned at 17, I was broken and depressed. But God always provided even when I didn’t trust … and now I’m here. Whole again. I’m still the same ME. I’m still working hard on my Dreams no matter what situation I’m handed, good or bad. I hope to be a story you can look up to, not one that you compare your lives to. Keeping it real, staying grounded or whatever you want to call it, that’s what I want for me, for you, for us.

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