Jenna Paulette Details Musical Ride to “F-150”

How a Hand-Me-Down Ride Lead to Seductive New Song

Whenever rising artist Jenna Paulette gets hit with writer’s block, she either reads a magazine, trolls Pinterest or goes for a long drive.

“There’s nothing a drive can’t fix,” Paulette tells

But sometimes the ride is the inspiration in itself. Paulette’s hand-me-down F-150 was the source of inspiration behind her latest single of the same title. Co-written with Mark Trussell, the song is a seductive simile comparing a man’s love for a woman to the way he drives his prized truck.

“I was actually driving my hand-me-down F-150 around East Nashville on my way to write with Mark Trussell, and I got the idea,” Paulette tells “I probably parked in three different parking lots on my way over there, because I kept getting lyric ideas and melodies I wanted to get out of my brain and into my phone as soon as I could. Mark took the idea to another level. We had nailed down the chorus, and the hook just felt so good– ‘Go on and drive me, crazy, like you drive your F-150.’ I just love the idea of a guy having such ease of control over something like an old F-150, and having that extend to how they love a girl. Everything about it felt right to me. That’s how I want to be loved and known.”

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