Why Timing is Everything to Jimmie Allen

Reflects on Journey So Far from Living in a Car to Scoring a Top 3 Hit

Country music needs more artists like Jimmie Allen because has dedicated his life to leading by example. And he’s having a moment right now.

His latest single “Best Shot” is the third-most-heard country song in America this week, and he’s on the road supporting his debut album Mercury Lane; headlining solo dates and performing on the Scotty McCreery: Seasons Change Tour.

But the recent success has been a lifetime coming for the rising artist who first got the calling to do music at age seven. The 33-year-old and father of one moved to Nashville from his hometown in Milton, Del. at age 20, worked three jobs to make ends meet, and at one point in his journey, he was forced to live in his car.

To him, his lead single “Best Shot,” is more than an expression of love to another. It’s about focusing on oneself to better serve others.

“I feel like people are always trying to find the solution to making a world a better place,” Allen tells CMT.com. “I honestly believe that the solution is taking each day as an opportunity to examine yourself and figure out how you can become a better person. I feel like once you really focus on yourself and figure out ways to be better, you can’t help but treat everyone else with love and respect.”

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