Tenille Arts’ World Goes Upside Down in “I Hate This”

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Breaking up is hard to do, but heartache and pain are perennial, thematic gifts in country music that keep on giving. And “I Hate This” by rising artist and powerhouse vocalist Tenille Arts is one of those gifts. It’s a soaring ballad that offers a raw and real look inside the sorrow one feels after a relationship ends with a focus on the toxic hate everyone has to rid themselves of following a heartbreak.

“I wrote this song with Adam Wheeler,” Arts tells CMT.com. “We were talking about how you feel during a breakup or a break in a relationship and how you just hate the whole situation and usually want to move past that point in your life. You hate thinking about the fact that you have to stop thinking about that person and stop talking to them, and then you also hate thinking about the possibility of starting a new relationship. I have experienced this exact situation, and I really wanted to get the melody to match the feeling.”

The video accentuates the brokenness by filming Arts in a room where her world gets turned upside down. The Canada native performed all her own stunts in the Todd Cassetty-directed piece.

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