Pistol Annies: Will They Or Won’t They?

An All-New CMT Hot 20 Countdown Airs Nov. 3-4

After waiting more than five years between albums, the Pistol Annies are back in the saddle. Their brand new album Interstate Gospel is out now, and the trio has been out and about doing shows here and there.

But on this weekend’s Hot 20, the supergirl group of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley talked about if and when they might be ready to tour. The short answer? Not just yet.

“We want the music to breathe a little,” Lambert says during the interview with CMT’s Katie Cook. “I feel like we want the album to get out –- the baby to get out — and we’ll go from there.”

And what makes a Pistol Annies tour a little more difficult to navigate and route and pull off is that Lambert, Monroe and Presley are all artists on their own. They have schedules to maintain, fans to please and music to play.

“We all have solo careers and they have children,” she added. (When Presley, who is currently pregnant, quipped that Lambert was a dog mom of 100 dogs, Lambert agreed. “A shit load of dogs,” she said.)

And there’s another benchmark for knowing when to start planning a Pistol Annies tour: “It’s not forcing it, and making sure the music uplifts us to be able to do live shows,” Lambert added.

CMT Hot 20 Countdown’s interview with the Pistol Annies airs on Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 3-4).