Tim McGraw on the Light We All Carry

What Calls Us All to be Together

If only you could have both, right? Jesus and whiskey, a preacher and a bartender, a jukebox and a choir, a proper baptism and barroom smoke, holy water and unholy water, honky-tonk angels and wings on fire. Then you’d really be able to get through getting over someone. Because you wouldn’t have to chose one or the other.

So says Tim McGraw in the new video for his single “Neon Church.” The video premiered last weekend on Viacom billboards right in the heart of New York City’s famed Times Square, and McGraw has now revealed how he and the director Shane Drake saw the light in an otherwise dark story.

“Shane and I talked a lot about the depth and meaning of ‘Neon Church.’ The song has a lot of grit, and there’s a darkness to it. So we wanted the video to carry some of that darkness and moodiness,” McGraw said in a press release.

“But you also have the neon. The light. Neon light is literally the calling card to a bar. You also have the human light that calls people to be together. We’re all a little broken, but that doesn’t mean we don’t each carry some light.”

Drake and McGraw have worked together since 2013, when they made the “Highway Don’t Care” and “Southern Girl” videos, and then again in 2014 on “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s.”