Eric Church Says “Solid” Is Who He Is

Old Song Finally Finds a Place to Land on New Album

There’s a song on Eric Church’s new album Desperate Man that he says reflects who he is.

It’s called “Solid,” and in a recent tweet, Church shared his perspective on what the song means to him and to the entire album.

“Songs find their spots and they find their types, and I think this is one of those instances. This song had been around, had been fighting for a lot of spots for a couple records,” Church says, “and on this album, honestly, it was perfect.”

He adds that he loves the intro and the way the band brings the track in, and he recalls seeing the ultimate acid test of a song: the automatic head bob. “I was listening back to this track in the studio, and I can still see four or five people with cigarettes, and they just had this head-bobbing thing going on.

“When you talk about ’Solid’ and you talk about believing in who you are, and the core of who you are, I think that you could really boil this whole record down to that track. It really does encompass how I view myself, my belief, and where we are not only personally but musically.”

The chorus is the foundation of so many country songs, in this case, it’s also what’s so solid about “Solid.”

Church penned the tune with New Orleans musician Anders Osborne, whose songs have been recorded by McGraw, Brad Paisley and more.

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