Carrie Underwood’s Message for Moms: “We’ve Got This”

The Backstage Q&A After Her CMA Win

Carrie Underwood had to fight back the tears when she accepted her CMA Award for female vocalist of the year on Wednesday night (Nov. 14).

And when her speech was over, she was still kind of choked up. So by the time she came backstage to talk to reporters about her win, and she started talking about her pregnancy, her family, and all of her blessings, she let her tears fall where they may. Think of it as her mother’s intuition to cry.

“It took us a while to get here, and we were feeling so blessed,” Underwood said about her second pregnancy. “And then to find out Isaiah is gonna have a baby brother. It’s just such great news.”
She went on to talk about how she navigates that work-life balance that so many mothers face every day. She does it the same way they do, with a little trial and a little error. “I’m a working mom, a working wife, same as all the others ones out there,” she continued, allowing that yes, her job is kind of unique. “But you just figure your way through it. We ladies are good at that.

“I’m honored to hold some pretty incredible titles. ’Mom’ is definitely one of them,” she said as her emotions kept on coming. “Hopefully I can be an inspiration to my children, and to other working moms out there, because we’ve got this.”

At one point during the conversation, though, her tears gave way to laughter as she wondered out loud how the designers who made her gowns for the night would be able to make the dresses she wore throughout the show get their pre-pregnancy silhouettes back.

“The wardrobe is definitely a challenge when you don’t recognize your own body. I feel kind of bad for returning dresses that are not maternity dresses,” she said, “and are all stretched out in the middle.”