Keith Urban: How California Fires Hit Close to Home

What Was Left After the Firemen Left

It’s been more than 40 years since Keith Urban’s house burned down.

But when he watches news coverage of the two devastating and destructive wildfires still burning in California, he can’t help but remember exactly what it felt like the day that he and his family lost their Australian home to a fire.

“When I was 10, our house burned down. So I know that feeling of losing your house. We completely lost everything. Luckily, we were all okay. My brother and I were at school at the time, my parents were working,” Urban told Extra during a recent interview. “When you are walking through the house and it’s charred, black as black everywhere you look, and there’s water dripping, and the firemen have left, I remember thinking, ’I was just in here getting ready for school.’ It gives me chills.”

But it’s the aftermath of that 1977 fire that keeps Urban feeling hopeful for the victims in California. “What I remember is the community coming together in such an incredible way, with clothing and food and shelter. Unbelievable. You are seeing that out in California right now,” he said, “and it’s really amazing.”

Other country stars and musicians have been sharing pictures and prayers for the victims in California. As Brad Paisley put it, he has so many friends in the path of these monster fires. “Though broken, my heart is with these families and friends in Thousand Oaks today,” he wrote in one of several posts about the damaging fires.

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#Repost @tishcyrus ・・・ LOVE lives here and always will… California has been through so much this week and I feel more thankful than ever. Thankful that @liamhemsworth is my daughters hero. He got all of her furry babies out safe and sound all while leaving a home he felt he would never see again. Thankful for the community of Malibu for standing stronger together and praying for those who lost far more than things that can be replaced. Words cannot describe my gratitude for the @losangelesfiredepartment and for the sacrifices they make for the safety of others every single day. Anyone who knows me, knows my love for California… this makes me love you even more! #californiastrong #malibu

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