Carrie Underwood Reminds Us to Love God and Each Other

Why Her Song and Her Win Mean So Much

When Carrie Underwood performed “Love Wins” during the CMA Awards on Wednesday (Nov. 14), she was doing so much more than singing.

She was pulling you in.

“Every chance that you get to perform your song on live TV,” Underwood said backstage after the show, “that’s what you want. You want to pull people in to what you’re doing. You hope that they enjoy it.”

It was the perfect song for that, for drawing viewers a little closer with each verse. Because, she says, it’s a special song with impeccable timing. Underwood wrote the ballad with Brett James and David Garcia.

“I think people need to be reminded to love one another, and as a Christian, we were told to love God and love each other,” she said, “to love our neighbors as ourselves.

“So I love this song, and I hope it resonates with people.”

The song is on Underwood’s new Cry Pretty album that she co-produced. “When we were making this album, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want awards,” she admitted after picking up the CMA Award for female vocalist, “because I’m a competitive person.

“When you’re making an album, you want to push yourself as an artist. With all the ups and downs that we’ve been through, this one definitely means a lot.”