Live It Up at Live in the Vineyard

CMT Sponsors Country Festival in Napa, Calif. May 14-16

For those who are planning their 2019 concert calendar, don’t miss a Live in the Vineyard event.

What sets it apart from other music festivals is the overwhelming satisfaction of knowing you’re exactly where you should be. For all the attendees at November’s 10th anniversary, singer-songwriter festival, it was the trip of a lifetime in Napa, Calif. with performances representing all genres of music including Americana, adult contemporary, pop, alternative and country.

Various vineyards throughout the region hosted the concerts, offering idyllic views that left one breathless. And every performance was paired with smorgasbords of epicurean delights and world-class wine by Napa’s top chefs and vintners. Since it was crushing season at the time of LITV’s singer-songwriter event, the smell of fermentation was in the air, cementing memories that will last forever in the hearts of those who were there.

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