Brandi Carlile and Elisabeth Moss Team for Emotional “Party of One”

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Generations of the LGBTQ community are enjoying the basic civil right to marriage that others before them never had. The thought of being told you’re unworthy of unconditional love is beyond inconceivable in today’s age, but when you finally have the right to it, it won’t be perfect all the time. No marriage is. But it’s still worth fighting for.

That’s part of the message Brandi Carlile wanted to articulate when she sat down to write the closing song of her Grammy-nominated By the Way, I Forgive You with her longtime creative partners, brothers Tim and Phil Hanseroth.

“Writing ‘Party Of One’ was a cathartic way out of one of my longest nights,” Carlile says. “Marriage equality was never a part of my story growing up. It is still a new concept, even to me. I think that after being told for long enough that being married isn’t something you’re worthy of, you fight that deep down demon in a way you can’t recognize until things get really hard.

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