The Emoji Blake Shelton’s Been Waiting For

Cheers to National Bloody Mary Day 2020

I’m not sure if Blake Shelton was serious when he requested a Bloody Mary emoji or not, but if he was, he’s in luck. Because I found one.

First, some background.

On Jan. 2, Shelton had posted a picture of a very extra Bloody Mary — with olives, peppers and what appears to be chicken tenders — saying that he couldn’t properly celebrate National Bloody Mary Day without an emoji.

Shelton asked Smithworks Vodka for their help, and the Arkansas vodka maker replied, “We got you!” But the only suitable emoji they could come up with in their posts on NBMD was a plain old tomato.

If a vodka company couldn’t find a vodka-based Bloody Mary emoji, I wondered, could I? My curiosity was piqued, so I looked all over the internet and found this one. So cheers, Blake Shelton. Cut and paste before the next National Bloody Mary Day comes around in 2020.