Hot 20 Spotlights Charlie Worsham’s Follow Your Heart Scholarship

All-New Episode Premieres Jan. 5-6 at 9 a.m. ET

Charlie Worsham already loves his job, but he counts his work with his Follow Your Heart scholarship as life’s most rewarding causes.

Established in 2016 through the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, the initiative supports youths in his home county of Granada, Miss. with passions to pursue careers in the arts. CMT Hot 20 Countdown followed Worsham recently when he returned to Grenada for the scholarship’s annual fundraiser, and all the action from the event will be featured on an all-new Hot 20 episode airing Saturday and Sunday (Jan. 5-6) at 9 a.m. ET.

“The kids I’ve come to know in these programs remind me of me at that age,” Worsham tells “It means everything. To those kids, the program means hope and an invitation to a bigger world. To be a part of it all takes me back to the original joy I found in music.”

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