Brothers Osborne Reveal Secret to Good Videos

Are They Better Off Off Camera?

In case you missed it, the Country Music Association’s reigning vocal duo of the year Brothers Osborne stopped by CMT Hot 20 last weekend and admitted that they are not fans of themselves.

Meaning, they do not want to star in their own music videos. Not because of any kind of stage fright, per se, but because they’ve run the numbers and discovered that videos are better when TJ and John Osborne are off camera.

“Our next video, for our new single, we’re in it collectively for about five seconds. And it was awesome,” the duo’s John Osborne shared of their “I Don’t Remember Me (Before You)” video, due out soon.
“We’ve noticed our videos are more successful the less face time we get in them,” he said. “It’s really strange, but I actually love it.”

See what you think. Are Brothers Osborne videos better off with or without the brothers?


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