Kyle Park Talks Cowboy Lifestyle in “Rio”

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Horses have long symbolized unbridled spirit and freedom, and the equine star in Kyle Park’s “Rio” is no exception.

The song is currently having a moment as Park’s fourth No. 1 on the Texas Regional Radio Report (TRRR) from his sixth album Don’t Forget Where You Come From. Erin Enderlin, a member of CMT’s Next Women of Country program, co-wrote the song with Park.

“The last album I made, The Blue Roof Sessions was a rockin’ album, but it had no fiddle and steel,” Park tells “I felt Don’t Forget Where You Come From was getting me back to what’s gotten me into country music — the lyrics and the sounds of fiddle, steel and real drums. I’ve always had real drums, but these days country is a lot of tracks. And I refuse to do that. I love what got me into country music — the music, the lyrics and not anything else.”

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