Hunter Hayes Finds Hope in Every “Heartbreak”

See the Singer-Songwriter's Heartwarming New Video

If you find yourself a little down in the dumps about celebrating Valentine’s Day solo, then stop what you’re doing and watch Hunter Hayes’ new video for “Heartbreak.”

The story moves along like an adorably lovesick version of the film Groundhog Day (even Hayes will agree,) but one crucial element is different for the Breaux Bridge, Louisiana native in his story, and that element is hope.

Because you can’t land a happy ending without hope, can you?

So just how did the very personal story of Hayes’ love life make it to his record?

“It’s one of my favorite songwriting stories I’ve ever been a part of,” Hayes tells “It started it in a journal, I left it unfinished until Gordie, Tawgs, and Simon took the conversation and gave me a place where it could become a song. I started journaling on a trip by myself to my ’future better half’ and became immediately aware of how important this message was to me.”

But it had to be a happy message, one of encouragement about the uncertainty of the future because that’s exactly how Hayes was approaching his romantic journey in real life.

And how he wanted to approach this music video, directed by Collin H. Duffy.

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