See Walker Montgomery’s Romantic Video for “You Heard It Here First”

CMT Hosts the World Premiere of Newcomer's Sweet Debut

We love a good love song in ballad form, and so does newcomer Walker Montgomery.

In fact, the moment the singer heard “You Heard It Here First,” he knew he had to have the song for his own.

“I was looking for a ballad for my EP at the time. It was the perfect fit,” Montgomery told

“Jordan [Walker], one of the writers, sent that song to me and when I heard it I knew I had to record it. It’s a beautifully written song, and I’ve been at a party where I’ve seen a girl and felt that rush before.”

Fun fact: Devin Dawson also had a hand in co-writing the tune.

The single is the latest release from Montgomery’s Simple Town EP which debuted last October. For the Kentucky native, the journey to Nashville has been anything but simple, even with his country music roots: his father is country star John Michael Montgomery and his uncle is Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Montgomery.

But it doesn’t matter who or where you come from: dues must be paid and the young Montgomery was ready to pay them and get to work.

“I played my first acoustic show in Lexington, Kentucky as a sophomore in high school and there’s been no turning back since,” he said.

It’s a familiar story for dreamers: you set your sights on a career and then hunker down to do whatever it takes to see that career happen.

“I used to mow lawns and cut tobacco,” Montgomery said. “Mama didn’t know about the tobacco and I’m sure she wouldn’t have let me do it…but I guess she knows now.”

Don’t worry about Mama. She is no doubt very proud of her son for landing his first world premiere music video with CMT. Montgomery shot the story parts of the “You Heard It Here First” in his native Nicholasville, Kentucky while the performance shots were filmed here in Nashville.

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