Maddie & Tae Talk New Song, Ballsy Moves and ACMs

When You Have to Relearn Your Town Because of the Ex

Before I’d had a chance to listen to Maddie & Tae’s “Tourist in This Town,” I had Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye tell me all about the story behind the new song.

“It’s all about how you feel like a tourist in your own town because you have to avoid the places you and your ex went to,” Marlow told me when we caught up before their Chicago show last week. “You have to relearn it. Because you don’t want to run into him, but you do want to run into him. You know?”

And while Marlow herself is not a tourist in her own town at all — she is engaged to be married to Jonah Font in November — Dye was going through that relearning process when they were writing the song. Like the song says, her ex turned her heart into a city on a map. “I was right in that ’Tourist in This Town’ phase.”

“I was too,” her best friend Marlow added, “because when your best friend has an ex, you just want to punch him in the face.”

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