The Eight Stages That Influenced Cassadee Pope

The Good, the Bad and the Just Trying Not to Trip

When Cassadee Pope released her second album stages in early February, I wondered what she meant by the title. Was it going to be about all the stages she’d gone through to land here? Or about all the stages she’d performed on throughout her life.

The answer is yes. It’s about everything that led Pope to who she is as an artist now, in 2019. She’s no longer the front girl of a pop punk band, and she’s no longer just a winner of The Voice. She is the artist behind songs that are so worth the nearly six-year wait between albums.

I caught up with Pope before her set on the first night of Maren Morris’ tour on Saturday (March 9), and we talked about all the literal stages she’d graced over the years. Here they are, in semi-chronological order.

1. The first stage she ever sang on: “Even before I started singing in church, when I was about five years old, I’d sing at the South Florida Fair or Sun Fest in West Palm Beach. My voice coach got me out on stage at a really early age.”

2. The stage that scared her the most:The Voice. That one freaked me the hell out. And round after round got more and more nerve wracking. It was a whole other beast, every night. The blind audition was the worst. It was horrifying. Because they don’t introduce you, you just walk up to the stage, and you can hear your heels clicking on the floor. You could hear a pin drop. And I wanted to win, but I also want not to trip.”

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