Trisha Yearwood Tackles Her Biggest Musical Fear

The Grammy Winner Finally Crosses a Dream Project Off Her Bucket List

It only took country star Trisha Yearwood twenty-something years to put together her dream project: a tribute to the one-and-only Frank Sinatra.

One single listen to Yearwood’s purely sublime album Let’s Be Frank, a finely-curated collection of Sinatra’s catalog, leaves listeners in complete awe of Yearwood’s range and versatility as a vocalist.

So just what the heck took her so long to put it all together?

“I think it was really just fear,” she told in a recent sitdown chat, seen in the exclusive video below.

“As long as you don’t do the thing that you feel is a little out of your comfort zone, you can’t fail at it.”

You won’t fail, but you certainly won’t soar either.

“That was a lesson for me in not waiting,” she wisely observed.

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