The Meetup That Gave Teddy Robb Musical Gold

Get the Story and See the World Premiere Video for the Flirtatious New Single

Every great song starts with a story, and we have to say this is a really good one.

If you’ve heard Teddy Robb’s new single “Lead Me On,” you probably felt that “a-ha” moment, where you felt like he was describing your own experience in love lost. So, it’s no surprise that the story behind this lyric is absolutely 100% true.

“I met a girl in line at a show, and it was clear we had undeniable chemistry. We spent a night getting to know each other, and at the end of the night, we agreed we would keep in touch,” Robb told

What a cute introduction. So, did they?

“She called me the next day to let me know that she’d really enjoyed our time together but had no intention of pursuing anything because of an existing relationship. I knew it wasn’t right, but there was a brief moment where I’d wished she would have led me on because leading me on meant having a chance.”

Honesty. What a refreshing change in today’s current dating culture, but can you blame him for wishing otherwise? We’ve all been there; even if we didn’t act on those desires.

CMT is celebrating the world premiere of the single’s brand-new video, which was shot in a cabin about an hour outside Nashville, but Robb admitted he’d been working on it for a while before he even made it to town.

“I started thinking about the concept of the song when I was still living and playing music in Vail, Co. before I came to town,” he explained. “Because of that, we wanted to give the video that Colorado ski town feel with the mountains in the background and the cabin. I love how it brings me right back to Vail.”

And it goes right back to that moment in the line, too. Give us a second while we remove the dagger from our heart, please.

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