What Does Being “Ladylike” Mean To Ingrid Andress?

(Hint: It's Being True To Yourself No Matter What, Dang It)

Never has the social and political climate of our society been more in need of a song like Ingrid Andress’ “Lady Like” than this very moment.

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i’m a lady like that : @joeperri

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So how ironic or perfect, really, that this song, with its raw, powerful and unapologetic message, came to life over the topic of politics on a night out?

“One night, I was flirting with a guy and brought up politics because there is so much happening in the world, thinking he would be impressed,” Andress told CMT.com.

“He actually shut me down immediately and was very uninterested for the rest of the evening. But I’m very glad that happened, because the next day I went into the studio with my friends Derrick and Sam, and we wrote ’Lady Like.’ That specific story is in the song now for obvious reasons.”

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