George Ducas “Makes Our Day” With “Eastwood”

The Singer-Songwriter Celebrates A World Premiere and the Wild West

Inspiration can come from a myriad of places for songwriters, but for George Ducas’ newest single “Eastwood,” there was one very special and recognizable man who set the creative wheels in motion.

“’Eastwood’ is a song that came upon me like a feeling you get traveling somewhere out west, could be anywhere,” Ducas told of the song.

“It’s all wrapped up in a love song, but it’s not just any love song. It’s about what it means as a man to really love a woman, and in the spirit of the great American romance, love her the way she really wants to be loved. I didn’t see them growing up, but I’ve always loved those old, big screen-Clint Eastwood westerns.”

“Every man wants to be Clint,” he added.

Hard to deny that statement, really, isn’t it?

For the single’s video, which is celebrating its world premiere with CMT, the singer-songwriter kept the focus primarily on the music.

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