Thank You for Your Service, Lee Brice

A Visit with a Veteran Who Sacrificed Body, Soul and Spirit

Lee Brice is my hero.

Before he took the stage at Barrelhouse LIVE in Augusta, Georgia last week, Brice paid a visit to a veteran’s house and personally invited him to the show that night.

“I don’t feel deserving to have any kind of praise,” Brice says in the video from the surprise visit with Kenny. “I don’t feel like I’m doing a whole lot, and they do so much for us. I feel humbled.

“It fills my heart to be able to do something for someone who’s done so much for so many,” he said.

In the video he shared on social media, Brice and local representatives from country radio and the show’s sponsor, Folds of Honor, knock on Kenny’s door, meet him and his wife (who nominated him for the Brice visit) and talk about why they were there. “We wanted to come in person and tell you that we can’t wait to see you tonight,” he tells the veteran before handing over the concert tickets and passes.

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