Blake Shelton Goes Behind the Scenes with His Gunslinger

Watch Him Literally Add Fuel to the Fire

There’s nothing like hearing a country artist say those three little words: behind the scenes.

It gives me goosebumps before I even hit play. So when Blake Shelton shared a look at what it was like to make his brand new “God’s Country” video, in a five-minute video of its own, I was all ears.

First he admits that he was a little bit nervous about asking world-renowned video director Sophie Muller to be part of the project. And once she said yes, he was nervous again to bring the London-based Muller out to Oklahoma. “She’s a gunslinger of a video maker. She even cusses,” Shelton says. “She song is so, so country, and I didn’t know if she would get it or not. She fell in love with the song.”

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