What It Sounds Like When Garth Brooks Loves You

A Night King Calaway Will Remember All Day Long

If you’re lucky, one day you might get to open shows for Garth Brooks.

And if you’re willing to work really, really hard, one day you might get Brooks to think the world of you.

That’s how things happened for the six-man country band King Calaway on Friday (May 3) in Minneapolis, and he introduced the group with his signature Brooks enthusiasm. “I don’t think I’ve ever done this in my career, but I’ve watched these next six guys rent a hall that they couldn’t afford back in Nashville, and practice every day for four days straight, just for this show tonight,” Brooks told the sold-out crowd. “These guys are brand new, and if I was them I would be scared out of my wits right now. But I know they’re getting ready to play for the greatest country music fans that we have on the this planet.

“You guys have given me some of the best nights of my life, what I’m asking you, let’s make this the best night of their lives. Ladies and Gentlemen, King Calaway.”

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