Can Kane Brown Be a Role Model and a Regular Person?

How Tim McGraw, Chris Young and Jason Aldean Influenced Him Through the Years

When we caught up with Kane Brown on Tuesday (June 4), when he was prepping for the CMT Music Awards, he didn’t come in with an entourage or ask for any kind of special treatment. He could have. But he didn’t.

“For me, it’s weird because I just look at myself as a regular person. Like I still work at Walmart or Lowe’s or somewhere,” Brown told us. “It means the world to me that people say they look up to me. I just hope that whatever they wanna do, they succeed in it.”

The reluctant role model remarked that he was the first person to really believe in himself, his talent and his future. “I believed in myself and it worked,” he said.

But he also admitted that there were artists that influenced him along the way.

“Tim McGraw got me into it.

“Chris Young made me love it even more.

“And then Jason Aldean made me fall in love with the country music scene.”

(If you scroll back far enough on Brown’s Facebook page, you’ll find the evidence of just how much of an influence Young has always been on Brown.)

When the conversation turned to his baby daughter, due later this year, Brown shared what his dreams are for her: “I hope that she is a tomboy and I hope that she loves to play basketball or softball,” he shared.

And his favorite country music video? Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time,” because of the fight scene at the end. It’s the part where Hunt plays the hero to help rescue a mother and baby from the cycle of domestic violence. “I’ve always wanted to fight in slow motion in a music video,” Brown said.

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