Cole Swindell Remembered on 36th Birthday for His No. 1 Parties

And There Have Been Many

It’s a grievous slight from which I may never fully recover, but Cole Swindell failed to invite me to his 36th birthday celebration on Sunday (June 30). My sense of self lies shredded.

Now I don’t mean to imply that Swindell and I are drinking buddies. The fact is I’ve never even shaken his sceptered hand. But I’ve covered so many of his No. 1 parties — including one that nearly led to my being drowned — that I feel a certain level of intimacy with the lad.

He and I first consumed free liquor in proximity on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, at a party on BMI’s capacious sixth-floor balcony overlooking downtown Nashville. The afternoon was sultry, and I was a bit sulky, owing to my longstanding aversion to direct sunlight. But Swindell was rockin’, absorbing a barrage of praise for “Chillin’ It,” his first No. 1, both as a writer and as a recording artist.

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