Which Chicago Dive Bar Will Garth Brooks Hit Next Week? Joe’s Bar

JULY 15: "Sometimes, Man, That's Your Church"

UPDATE: This just in. Chicago’s WEBG (Big 95.5) and WUSN (US 99.5) both just shared all the essential details for the Garth Brooks Dive Bar show a week from today.

WHERE: Joe’s Bar, 940 West Weed Street, Chicago
WHEN: July 15
HOW TO GET IN: Win them through WEBG. When they play “Dive Bar,” be the 25th caller and you are in. Or listen to WUSN and call in when you hear any Brooks song.

First, Garth Brooks wanted to know where everyone was celebrating their official #NationalDiveBarDay on Sunday.

Then, he had some Dive Bar news that was embraced as warmly as his Blake Shelton duet of the same name.

“We’re announcing the Dive Bar Tour,” Brooks said on his Facebook Live video late on Sunday (July 7). “We don’t announce the bar. We (only) get to announce the city.

As dive bars across the country face extinction, Brooks is hoping this tour will inject some new life into old haunts.

“Sometimes, man, that’s your church. A church is: people who are like you, that are searching, and sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on. That’s what a dive bar is. That’s what a good one is anyway. We’re gonna go to seven of them. It’s gotta be Chicago,” he said of his first stop on July 15, adding that on Monday afternoon, country radio would be announcing the actual bar.

If he could pick the dive bar to play in Nashville, Brooks said, it would be Layla’s. Because that’s where “Friends in Low Places” and “Callin’ Baton Rouge” were both born.

Brooks also shared that he and Shelton will be singing the new song live in Boise on Friday night, to officially record the live version.

Check back here tomorrow for Brooks’ Dive Bar updates. We’ll have all the details on locations, times, and tickets, so you’ll have the best chance of spending the weekend at the deep end of a dive bar near you.