The Best 20 Pages from Carrie Underwood’s U.K. Diary

And the Seven Pictures Every Fan Must See

Do people really still keep diaries? Like legit notebooks with a tiny little silver key you wear on a necklace for safe keeping?

Okay, maybe not. Maybe that kind of diary is too old school. But Carrie Underwood, God love her, created a diary-like photo gallery of about 20 of her best highlights from her Cry Pretty tour of the U.K. And she shared it with People after that part of the tour wrapped on July 4 in London.

And this is definitely not the kind of diary she’d want to keep to herself, because the pictures tell so much of the Cry Pretty story. What she saw and what she experienced is a must-see for any Underwood fan.

These are our seven favorites from the gallery:

1. The glitter tears on her fans, knowing how long that kind of masterpiece must’ve taken.

2. The super chill, laid-back backstage hangs with her band.

3. The pre-show prayer circles and the champagne toasts.

4. The meet & greets with fans from everywhere: the U.K. plus Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Australia, Singapore, Iraq, Canada and even America.

5. The heart hands Underwood made with Jodie Price, one of her most diehard fans from Bridgend, Wales.

6. The autographing of the Scottish comic character Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail sculpture in Glasgow.

7. The unplanned jam session at some hotel bar in Glasgow.*

* Still trying desperately to unearth any video of what must’ve been a mind-blowing night for any country fans in this hotel bar.