Obviously, Jordan Davis’ Wife Is Pregnant

A Look at All of His Sexiest Baby-Making Lyrics

Country newcomer Jordan Davis is probably the sexiest singer out there right now. So it comes as zero surprise that his wife, Kristen, is pregnant. I mean, come on. Almost every track on his debut album Home State is a straight-up, baby-making song.

Davis shared the baby news with People, saying, “We are so thankful and so blessed. This is a really special moment and we’ve been trying to drink it in and enjoy the process. We are looking forward to meeting the little guy or girl later this year.”

He added that he had a perfect role model for fatherhood when he was growing up in Louisiana. “We’re so grateful for this blessing,” he said, “and if I can be anywhere near the type of father that my dad was to me that will be a really good start. I know Kristen is going to be an incredible mom.”

These are just a few of Davis’ lyrics that would make anyone go weak in the knees:

Girl, it’s just a matter of time until you find that the right guy’s staring you back into your eyes.

I can’t help it that I can’t take my eyes off of you.

I think me and you should do our own thing our own way, at my place, far away.

You know what I want, I got what you need, take it from me.

I’ll spin you around and let’s just see where this thing goes, all I know is that I’m all yours, all night, I’ve got nothing but time.

The only thing I wanna do is find a spot, stop this car and throw it in park and just slow dance with you.

I don’t care what song comes next, I’m falling right here, don’t want a safety net.

A kiss at the door, ended up on the floor, ain’t too sure what hurts more: that you didn’t or that I dreamed you did.

When my hands get a mind of their own, girl, if they get ahold of you, I ain’t never letting go.

The only way those lyrics get any sexier is when he’s singing them.

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