This Is What It Looks Like When Luke Bryan Has Your Back

Jon Langston's "Now You Know" Gets a Letter of Recommendation

When you’re a big deal in country music, you can give newcomers your most heartfelt encouragement. You can bring them on the road with you. You can literally and virtually take them under your wing. You can tweet about them. And if you really have that artist’s back, you can take out a full-page ad in industry publication Country Aircheck and make sure the rest of the world knows just how you feel.

Luke Bryan did all of the above for Jon Langston. Here’s what he had to say to all the radio stations that read that newsletter.

Dear Country Radio,

Every once in a while someone crosses your path that you just can’t get off your mind. For me that someone was Jon Langston. I watched what he was organically building out there with his fans, from selling out clubs to streaming crazy numbers and I got so fired up I had to figure out a plan to help him grow to the next level.

His music pushed me to start something that my label, UMG, and I have been discussing for some time and that was an outlet for me to help other artists. This has always been something that was important to me since I have been blessed with those opportunities myself. I am beyond proud for my debut artist to be someone on the level of Langston. He works hard and keeps pushing himself to grow with every opportunity! I am forever thankful for the opportunities that you have provided for me and my family and I can’t wait for you to hear his new song.

“Now You Know,” Jon Langston
32 Bridge Entertainment/EMI Records Nashville

Thanks y’all!

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