Summer Smashes: 10 Songs That Sizzled in July

Tim, Luke, Miranda, Carrie, Jake and Blake Among Beneficiaries

Sure, you remember.

It was a brain-frying day in July. You were out of school, out of town, out for a good time but a bit out of sorts when that damn song on the radio kept crashing into your consciousness like a SWAT team at the wrong address.

Or maybe you recall it in a different frame. You were in love, in the mood, in the money and in up to your eyeballs with prepositional phrases when that lovely melody wafted in on a rare breeze and suddenly your heart was floating free of your body.

Is it coming back to you?

For reasons as mysterious as black holes or the popularity of Nashville hot chicken, July has been a particularly congenial month for country songs to hit No. 1 on the charts, thus earning incessant airplay and doing their best to lodge forever in your memory like the college loan bills in your mailbox.

Here are 10 summer-scented examples.

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