Garth Brooks’ Daughter Shares Her “Work in Progress”

The Breakdown of Allie Colleen's Radio Interview

Allie Colleen is Garth Brooks’ daughter. Which kind of makes her a dichotomy: a country music veteran who is just another country music rookie. It seems impossible, right? But when you hear the singer-songwriter talk about it, as she did during a visit to The Bobby Bones Show, it all makes perfect sense.

These are the most essential things we took away from that interview.

Why she didn’t get any of her 15 tattoos until after she turned 18:
“I fear my father in a good way.”

What the responses to her music have been like on social media:
“The comments get meaner and meaner every day, and it makes me so excited.”

Her favorite Garth Brooks song:
“When You Come Back to Me Again” (2000)

Her least favorite Garth Brooks song:
“Friends in Low Places” (1990)

Why she gave up her spot as a background singer on her dad’s tour:
“It blurred those lines that we’d worked so hard to keep where they are. I love my dad. I love my family more than everything. He worked so hard for what he has, and I want to do the exact same thing.”

How her dad reacted to her decision to go to Belmont University for music:
“My dad said, ’If you’re gonna do this, you’re gonna do it right. And you’re gonna get that degree.’ I really think he was just praying that I was gonna change my mind.”

How she describes her first song after graduating from college, moving, getting married, and starting her music career:
“The song’s called ’Work in Progress.’ It’s like, we don’t have it figured out. God knows what’s gonna happen in the future, but I know what’s happening right now. And I know that we’re ready.”

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