Jason Aldean Seeks Toddler Translator

What Can You Decipher from This One-Minute Video?

Just when you thought Monday couldn’t get any better, Jason Aldean comes along with the tweet of the day.

With a video clip from his 18-month-old son’s latest bathtub soliloquy, Aldean admits that he doesn’t fully understand what Memphis is asking of him. He asks his nearly four million followers, “Can somebody please translate this for me???”

I personally think that Memphis is saying something about something big, something he wants no more of, and then maybe something about a big boy. See if you can decipher it for Aldean. Almost 50 people have retweeted Aldean’s post, so surely we will have some answers soon.

Memphis isn’t quite two years old, but usually by his age, toddlers will have built up a growing vocabulary of around ten words and some phrases, but most experts agree that a toddler’s “words” can only be understood by mom and dad.