So This Is Why Nicole Kidman Is a Keith Urban Fan

He Set Their Sex Life to Music and She Is Cool with It

Consider us shook. We have no idea why a Keith Urban deep cut from his 2018 album Graffiti U is making the rounds today, but there you have it.

“Gemini” is possibly one of his sexiest songs, and one he wrote with men and a woman — Ian Kirkpatrick, Justin Tranter, and Julia Michaels — so maybe that’s why his wife Nicole Kidman recently admitted that she agrees with the sentiment of the song.

And that sentiment is basically, sex matters. More importantly, good sex matters.

Of the line, “She’s a maniac in the bed, but a brainiac in the head,” Kidman told an Australian radio show,
“I don’t sensor his art, but it is a little embarrassing.”

The alternative would be much worse, she reasoned. “It’s better than saying, ’God, I’m so bored. Make an effort, Nicole!'”

Here are the full lyrics to “Gemini”:

She’s not quite a contradiction
She rolls with it
Quick with a snap decision
I’m fine with it
Strong on her strong opinions
I’m weak for it
It’s not just one thing, not just one thing
I want all of it

Emotionally, physically, diving right into me
Emotionally, physically, getting a hold of me
Emotionally, spiritually, movin’ so close to me
I wonder if she knows

She’s a maniac in the bed
But a brainiac in her head
And I know what everybody knows
Mmm, baby, she’s both
Wears the hell outta that dress
But she’s pretty even when a mess
And I know what everybody knows
Mm mmm, baby, she’s both

All of my complications
She see through it
I don’t know if it’s because of
Or in spite of it
But I don’t doubt her intentions
When she’s sayin’ it
It’s not just one thing, not just one thing
I want all of it