Underwood and Lambert: Something Good’s About to Happen

Both Artists to Be Featured at the 2020 CRS

First, the bad news.

When Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert are togetherish early next year, it will be at the industry function called Country Radio Seminar. And they’ll be there on different days.

But still.

What the good news is is that CRS has chosen to book both women, and that really says something about the inevitable and very necessary changing of the mindset in the male-dominated world of country radio.

Underwood will be there for the CRS Artist Interview on Feb. 21.

Lambert will be there for the Conversation With Miranda Lambert on Feb. 19.

It’s not necessarily an event that is open to fans, mainly because the panels that fill the three-day seminar are more business-to-business than fan-friendly. And the passes to CRS are pricey. But because Underwood and Lambert are there, we will be there to bring you every single word they said.

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