Luke Bryan and Phillip Sweet’s Wives Have an Honest Podcast Convo

Hiding Cleavage Flasks, Making Suitcase Beds, and Being Road-Widow Besties

Welcome to the best half hour of internet you’ll hear all day.

In this brand new Get Real! podcast from Caroline Hobby, Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline and Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet’s wife Becky share some real-life moments that define what it’s like to be the women behind the men.

One the of the very best stories they told was how they met, on a red carpet, very early in their husbands’ careers.

On the flask that bonded them:

Caroline Bryan: Actually I’m not exaggerating at all. It was my first or second red carpet, he and I had just gotten engaged. Everybody knows that Luke talks a lot, he won’t shut up. So I’m standing in the back and I don’t know anybody. Here comes this girl with this curly hair, and she goes, “Hey I’m Becky.” And she’s like, “I’m here with Phillip from Little Big Town.” We were shaking. I just wanted to be out of the way. Becky had on this beautiful low cut dress, and I said, “I’m gonna be here for a while because Luke is gonna be talking for a while. God, I really wish I had a drink.” She pulled a flask out of her cleavage. I went, “I don’t know who you are, but I like you.” That’s how you start a great friendship.

On the first red-carpet face plant:

Becky Sweet: Long story short. The band was doing the step and repeat, and so I was skipping it. And I went behind it and there were all these cable and it was raining and I was trying to gracefully go over them. My heel caught and I face planted. Like nose to the carpet, all the way down. Martina (McBride)’s sweet, sweet bodyguard picked me up like a Barbie underneath my armpits.

On real life as a road widow:

Sweet: When Luke and Little Big Town were out together we were basically road widows.

Bryan: I have three boys at home — 17, 11 and 8 — so I can’t travel as much because each kid has football, baseball, flag football, basketball. I have to make sure my kids have a normal life. But in the early days, no joke, when Bo was born, we didn’t have anything. We shared the bus with Luke’s band. Bo and I slept on suitcases in the back of the bus. We made a pallet out of the suitcases. You just do it.

Sweet: Penelope was nine days old when the band was on the George Strait tour, and they were gone for two months. Phillip said, “I can’t go two months without seeing her.” So I had (the band’s) Karen (Fairchild) and Kimberly (Schlapman) helping me. We’re all going to heaven because of Kimberly. She’s just so sweet.

On the days way before the fame:

Bryan: Our first house had a bathroom floor that was rotted out. In order to hop in the shower, you had to step over this big area so you wouldn’t fall through the hole. And now we don’t even know how we went from there to here. We have such a long history, it does make us appreciate each other more because we did this from absolutely nothing. I can honestly say that Luke has never changed.

On what ignites their crazy:

Bryan: If you talk about my family or my husband, I will go 14 kinds of crazy on you.

(This is how I’m picturing 14 kind of crazy.)

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