SECOND STOP: Garth Brooks Is Heading to Bakersfield for Dive Bar Tour

"That Place Is Going to be Humming," He Says of Buck Owens' Crystal Palace

UPDATE: Garth Brooks just announced the date for his second Dive Bar Tour stop: August 15.

It’s about time. I mean, Garth Brooks made his first Dive Bar Tour stop almost ten days ago, and he kept his fans waiting until Monday night (July 29) to reveal where his second stop would be: Bakersfield, California.

Specifically, Brooks will play Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace. Check out their Instagram pictures to get a feel for the inside.

The Palace has all kinds of sentimental value for Brooks. In 2005, in front of 7,000 people, he proposed to Trisha Yearwood. And when he did, Owens gave Brooks a red, white and blue Telecaster, just a year before he died. That was the same time that Owens unveiled his Legends in Bronze, the now-famous statues of ten country music legends. In addition to Brooks, there are larger-than-life bronze statues of Owens, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, George Jones and George Strait.

“I know Bakersfield, that place is going to be humming,” Brooks said of the next stop. “We’re excited.”

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